No more awkward or hazardous cables to string around the listening environment.

  • Products can be mixed and matched for any size setting and expand with your needs.
  • One speaker broadcasts to others.
  • Use only one transmitting speaker to feed unlimited receiving speakers with crystal-clear sound.
  • Anchor AIR transmitting speakers have an “X” in the model name, receiving speakers have an “R”.

Best-In-Class Battery & Energy Management

  • Long lasting performance that can go the distance for any event – 7 to 9 hours!
  • Simplified 1:1 charging ratio – one hour charged = one hour of operation
  • New materials and reduced weight – 5-20 lb. lighter than previous models
  • Anytime confidence – charge your PA and turn it off for storage; the system stays fully charged!

Proprietary Microphone Technology

  • Works in the less-crowded 1.9 GHz frequency band for interference-free sound projection
  • Automatically seeks and selects the strongest, most secure channel via “channel hopping”
  • One-time pairing eliminates setup hassles; pair the mic just once and never again
  • 300+ feet of line-of-site transmission range, covers even large arenas and stadiums
  • Wearable mics (collars, headbands, lapels) connect via small wire to a belt pack transmitter
  • Volume and mute controls on the microphone
  • Can have up to 30 systems in one room
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Better quality of audio frequency response 60Hz-12KHz
  • Latency 14 ms
  • Battery operating time min 10 hrs – up to 20 hrs depending on volume
  • Average output 10mW

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